Need Love Advice? Get Your Questions Answered By These Adorable Love Experts

Who knows more about love than kids? They love unconditionally and without boundaries. Give them candies and they’ll love you. Let them eat ice cream before bed and you’ll win parent of the year. They seem to have this topic under control. And since kids are so darn innocent and sweet, the people over at Buzzfeed had to interview a few “Love Experts” on the proper way to ask someone out, what an ideal date is and even how to break up with someone.

I, personally, love the part of the video before the intro title starts when the adult male asked the girls when he should kiss the girl he likes. The response: “You should wait…until you get married.” HA!

Something else that’s really important is how to break up with someone. You can’t delete them off Facebook because they can still be your friend (how do they know these things!?).  Listen to what their answer is to this question. It’s probably my favorite tip of the whole video. Also something I will definitely use from now on!


These Tiny Dogs Are Truly Inspirational!

If you own a Chihuahua, Yorkie or any other small dog breed, you have probably heard of Small Dog Syndrome (SDS). There’s a real scientific theory behind this specific issue in the dog kingdom, but for this article let’s just think of it as a small dog wanting to be bigger than they are.

The following compilation from AFV Animals shows that regardless of your size, nothing is too big to accomplish. Maybe as hoomans, we should use this video as our inspiration.