This Orca Gave This Man A ‘Killer’ Day, In The Most Unexpected Way!

It was unlike any other day for 27-year-old Luke O’Reilly. He just wanted to do whatever it is, I assume, all young, athletic, cool kids in New Zealand do, go paddle boarding. But regular paddle boarding can sometimes be boring, right? So why not step it up a notch? As told to the Daily Mail, O’Reilly was on the beach when he spotted a pod of orcas (yup, Killer Whales!), when he decided that it would be neat to go out there with a GoPro and see how they’re doing.

He was quickly surrounded by six ocras swimming next to him. One in particular stuck by him for almost 10 minutes and even tried to take a bite out of his board! But being an expertise in the art of balance, O’Reilly was able to stabilize himself and stay on his board. He’s swam with and paddle boarded with orcas before but does not recommend an average person to do the same.

Watch the clip below and tell me if your knees were buckling too!

(Images from 3News)

Bulldog Walks Up To A Deer 20 Times Her Size, What She Does Next Is Will Leave You Gasping!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my fair shares of dog befriending other animals. Dogs are just so loving and playful that it’s not uncommon for us to see that. Even rarer, is seeing a tiny French Bulldog become friends with a wild baby deer. In this clip by the owner we see exactly that! What seems to be, a wild baby deer that walked out of the Canadian forest, playing chase with Ellie-Mae, the French Bulldog.

The little Frenchie seems to be provoking the deer to play with it. Running back and forth across the deer as if saying “Ha-Ha! you can’t catch me…even though my legs are 200 times shorter than yours!” This deer seems a bit confused at this barking thing. It’s only at the 1:38 mark does it look like it reached the “Ah-Ha!” moment and the fun begins!

As I keep watching this video over and over, I can’t help but wonder….you think the deer actually wanted to stomp on the small annoying thing instead?

Owner, Jamie-Rae, has assured viewers that everything was just a coincidence. Ellie-Mae just happened to be outside when this curious young deer came around. She felt that the deer was in no way aggressive or trying to be intimidating.

In the end, we’re just happy that both deer and dog had a good run. =]

Make This Delicious Treat For Your Pup With Just Three Ingredients!

We all want the very best for our furry friends. But how do you know what you’re buying in the store is actually good for them? It’s more and more common now for people to cook for their dogs. Let’s be honest, even our dogs don’t know what’s good for them. They’ll eat a lot of things that are both healthy and unhealthy (kind of like people, heh!). But at least for us we know what’s healthy and what’s not.

Before you start cooking up a storm for your beloved pup, make sure you check to see if all the ingredients you use are dog friendly. For instance, like human, sugar and salt should be avoided. But even food we consider as healthy, like grapes, peaches and plums can be deadly to these little guys.

Morgan Manousos, from LittleThings, shared her pup’s favorite summer snack. It’s very easy and quick to make and only includes 3 ingredients!

You’ll need: creamy peanut butter, water and strawberries (if you want to substitute this, please make sure you check to see if the substitute is dog-friendly). Ideally, you can freeze these into ice cube trays and pop them out one at a time for special occasions. =]

I can’t wait until it gets hot enough outside to make strawberry icy treats for my dog!

Clingy Cat Shows More Feelings Than You!

Before I saw this video I just assumed that all cats were jerks. That they didn’t care where you went, unless it was to get them cat nip. But now, I’m reconsidering my thoughts. I’m thinking…maybe this cat, Spudz, is really a needy puppy trapped inside a body of a cat. How on Earth can there be a cat THIS clingy!? Maybe the owner hasn’t fed it? Maybe his toy is secretly hiding inside this man’s clothing? Watch carefully to what Spudz does when his owner starts to walk away for work. Ok, last thought, maybe, just maybe, Spudz just really loves its hooman? You tell me.