After a Life Changing Heart Attack, This Man’s Beautiful Children Gave Him the Ultimate Gift!

After suffering a heart attack, 60 year old Laurie started singing. All of his boys who are in their twenties work in banking, law and marketing, but when their dad had his heart attack, they finally obliged to gel their dad achieve his dream of performing on stage.

The first public performance by the Neales’ family was their version of “When Will I Be Loved” by the Everly Brothers, and was on “Britain’s Got Talent.” For what their dad refers to as “His last big chance” this quartet certainly has won my heart.

Will this performance by the family be enough to impress the judges?

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It Looks Like A Simple Shed From The Outside… But What’s Inside? I’m Floored!

Little homes are becoming a way for the world to deal with over-crowded living spaces. It is common in Japan for well-made homes to be as small as 300 sq ft.

In an interview with LittleThings Chris Heininge- inspired by the small homes he saw in Japan, decided to build a luxury micro-home in Aurora, Oregon. The tiny house like he built below takes around three months to build.

“In recent years, many people are moving away from the idea of big ‘McMansions’ and discovering the joys of living ‘tiny,’ ” he writes on his website. “A tiny house not only costs less to build, but is also far cheaper to heat, cool, and maintain, so you save money while reducing your environmental impact.”

Take a look at the home below and give us your thoughts! Would you live in something like this?

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What Did These Daredevils Do After Climbing This Giant Canyon?

A lot of people have pretty extreme things on their bucket list – mainly skydiving. These daredevils found skydiving still a bit too safe so they opted for an even more extreme activity.

If you want to experience, what some might consider, the largest “swing” in the world, get yourself to Moab, Utah.  This will be unlike any swing you’ve ever been on!

I’m not sure about you, but watching this video made me nervous yet excited all at the same time.


She Goes Fishing With Her Dad and Her Catch Blows Him Out of the Water. See What See Caught!!!!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re surprised and shocked! This is totally true for your children- just when you think you’ve seen what they’re capable of, they leave you in awe of what they’re able to accomplish. What’s even sweeter is when they surprise you with the knowledge they’ve learned from you- seeing them share your love for what you enjoy doing.

The girl in this video may not be very big, but she’s definitely more than meets the eye. With her pink fishing pole in hand, Zoey shows her dad all the techniques he taught her.

But when she’s showing her dad the techniques, and she gets a bite- you’ll be shocked at what happens next. Enjoy:


Cameras In Nepal Catch Shocking Footage Of A 2nd Deadly Earthquake

The people of Nepal have undergone unbelievable hardship over the past few weeks when the country was struck by a major earthquake that killed many, and left even more homeless, injured and unemployed. The carnage- unlike anything the country had seen before- has made rescue efforts even more challenging.

Just when rescue efforts were starting to come to fruition, a second major quake hit the country, with a 7.3 Magnitude (previous quake was 7.8 Magnitude). On top of making rescue efforts even more difficult, it has left the people of Nepal absolutely terrified. The death toll this time is much less server, but another 42 people have lost their lives, and over 1000 have been injured.


Camera crews on the scene for the clean-up process in Nepal were able to capture the second quake on film.

It shook everyone whether in major cities…

…or people on the outskirts.

The tremors made it to the countryside.

The damage has affected many people from all different walks of life. There’s no telling when these natural disasters will let up.

There are already over 7500 people confirmed dead, with thousands more injured. The magnitude of the damage can not be easily fixed, but of you want to help donate to their relief fund, go to The Red Cross’ website to find out how you can help get Nepal back on its feet again.