Peel Things the Correct Way! #9 Will Definitely Save You A Lot Of Time!

Peeling something seems to be the most boring, messiest, and sometimes difficult thing to have to do. But you’re in luck, check out these 11 hacks on how to peel things faster, with less mess, but most importantly, easier.

18 Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Grill This Summer

If you’re like me, summertime means that the grill is your choice for where you cook. There’s not much that can beat a well grilled steak on a warm summer night.

Did you know that you can cook much more than just meat on the BBQ though? Here are 18 ways on how you can make the best use of your grill and start getting serious about using your BBQ in the best way possible.


What You Can Put In Your IceCube Tray That Will Make Every Party AMAZING!!!

Ever been bored by your regular ice cubes? Wish you could have something a big more exciting? Just because that tray was normally used for water doesn’t mean you can’t put something much… Cooler… in perhaps? (Pardon the pun). So stop making boring iced cubes, and start making something a bit more exciting! View these great ideas below.

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DIY Fails That Are So Amazing You’ll Want More!

Do-It-Yourself projects seemed to have taken off thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. We see all these fun and cool things that can simply be made at home with a few materials and tools. Some sites (I’ll admit, ours included) will have easy step to step directions on how to make something. Then we think to ourselves, “Hey!! I can make that 7 step project!” So we try it. MOST of the time it doesn’t turn out exactly as what it’s suppose to, but still, good enough.

Then there are the times when we try these “easy to make” project and fail, miserably. They’re so incredibly off from what the intended object was suppose to be it’s hilarious. My only wish was that there were more fails for me to look at. If you’re one for messing up DIY project, please, please DO NOT hesitate to submit those images here!

I won’t be surprise if I end up on one of these lists one day, I’ve failed at DIY many times before so I’ve now decided that I’ll just spend the money and buy things.


DIY: Air Conditioners That Will Make You The Coolest Person!

Since summer is just around the corner there will be days when it’s a bit warmer than we’d like it to be. And by warmer, I mean sticking to leather chairs and fanning yourself with anything and everything possible.

If you want to turn up the air conditioner but don’t want to pay a really high electricity bill, or if you’re considering on purchasing an air conditioner, then you’re in luck! With just a few materials and tools you can get at any local hardware store, you can make your own air conditioner!

Each one is different but you will need:

  • a container with a lid
  • some PVC pipe for each
  • air will be cooled by ice or a frozen gallon jug of water


Watch the full tutorials below.  Most of these can be made portable by attaching solar panel to them and can be brought with you camping or by the poolside. And, you lose cool points if you injure yourself making these!

1. The $8 Air Conditioner

2. The DIY Air Conditioner

3. The Ice Chest Air Conditioner

4. The Cooler Air Conditioner

5. The 5-Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner