After a Life Changing Heart Attack, This Man’s Beautiful Children Gave Him the Ultimate Gift!

After suffering a heart attack, 60 year old Laurie started singing. All of his boys who are in their twenties work in banking, law and marketing, but when their dad had his heart attack, they finally obliged to gel their dad achieve his dream of performing on stage.

The first public performance by the Neales’ family was their version of “When Will I Be Loved” by the Everly Brothers, and was on “Britain’s Got Talent.” For what their dad refers to as “His last big chance” this quartet certainly has won my heart.

Will this performance by the family be enough to impress the judges?

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Baby and Corgi Puppy Re-Enacts Coppertone Image

You know how there are companies with such distinct logos that you can never forget? The golden arches, the swoosh…the dog tugging on a baby’s diaper?

Here we have baby Gunnar spending some precious time with this adorable Corgi puppy, Frodo (Lord of the Rings reference, anyone?). Frodo is either not enjoying the smell coming from the diaper or he seems to think that it’s a chew toy he wants to destroy. Either way, the giggles coming from Gunnar and the adorable expressions on Frodo’s face will definitely put a smile on your face.

She Decided to Turn This Old, Unused Table into Something Spectacular

In a day where there is a lot of waste, and people prefer to throw out and buy new, it is great to see when you’re able to take something old and make it new again! If you’re not sure what “Upcycling” means, it’s where you turn an old, unwanted object (in this case a table) and turn it into something new!

To do this project below, there isn’t much work needed. An old end table, some paint, and a small dog!! If you want to see how it’s done in real time, watch the video below! That one’s a bit more difficult but it’s just as incredible.

Would you be up for trying something like this, or do you have better tips for old furniture to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!

Where most people would see a beat-up old end table, this clever crafter saw brilliant potential.
One word: Possibility.
She started off by measuring out and drilling some holes in the tabletop.
First Step: Measure and Drill Holes.

These holes will be for some additional feet, which she'll be screwing in later.

Next, she sanded everything down, including the legs and tabletop feet.
Next, sand everything down.
After, she spray-painted the feet a beautiful rose pink.
Now paint!

Then she painted the table and its newly sanded legs a creamy white. She also added a special piece of plywood to the front.

Next, she spray-painted some accent pieces in the same rose pink.

After that, she taped off her table and sprayed some more pink.

She attached the details, then admired her work. It's starting to come together!
Now attach the details!
She reattached the pink tabletop feet, then screwed some crystal pieces into the table legs.
And add the feet.
After letting it all dry, she added a nice fluffy mattress. Can you guess who'll be sleeping here?
And a mattress!!
It's her little pup, Cupcake! Would your precious pooch enjoy a do-it-yourself bed like this?
Now this is the sweetest gift…ever!

She Goes Fishing With Her Dad and Her Catch Blows Him Out of the Water. See What See Caught!!!!

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’re surprised and shocked! This is totally true for your children- just when you think you’ve seen what they’re capable of, they leave you in awe of what they’re able to accomplish. What’s even sweeter is when they surprise you with the knowledge they’ve learned from you- seeing them share your love for what you enjoy doing.

The girl in this video may not be very big, but she’s definitely more than meets the eye. With her pink fishing pole in hand, Zoey shows her dad all the techniques he taught her.

But when she’s showing her dad the techniques, and she gets a bite- you’ll be shocked at what happens next. Enjoy: