This Dog Moves His Bed Closer and Closer to His Owners. The Reason Why Will Leave You Shocked!

In Arizona, there is a dog rescue called Arizona Greyhound Rescue. Mr. Fry was one of the dogs adopted from there and he is a very healthy and happy dog. Much like some other dogs on the internet (Momo perhaps?) this dog seems to have a bit of a mysterious side.

After weeks of noticing that his bed was getting closer and closer to their beds, Mr. Fry’s owners took a video, and when you see the explanation as to why, prepare the tissues. Mr. Fry is just another example of how much dogs love their owners and their owners love them back.

When Mr. Fry is not with his family, or lazing around, he is also a therapy dog for Sunrise Senior Living in Tucson, AZ.  He helps bring companionship and joy to seniors who live in the home. It’s because of the work from dogs like Mr. Fry that make these senior living facilities a real home to the people living in them.

DIY Fails That Are So Amazing You’ll Want More!

Do-It-Yourself projects seemed to have taken off thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook. We see all these fun and cool things that can simply be made at home with a few materials and tools. Some sites (I’ll admit, ours included) will have easy step to step directions on how to make something. Then we think to ourselves, “Hey!! I can make that 7 step project!” So we try it. MOST of the time it doesn’t turn out exactly as what it’s suppose to, but still, good enough.

Then there are the times when we try these “easy to make” project and fail, miserably. They’re so incredibly off from what the intended object was suppose to be it’s hilarious. My only wish was that there were more fails for me to look at. If you’re one for messing up DIY project, please, please DO NOT hesitate to submit those images here!

I won’t be surprise if I end up on one of these lists one day, I’ve failed at DIY many times before so I’ve now decided that I’ll just spend the money and buy things.


Need Love Advice? Get Your Questions Answered By These Adorable Love Experts

Who knows more about love than kids? They love unconditionally and without boundaries. Give them candies and they’ll love you. Let them eat ice cream before bed and you’ll win parent of the year. They seem to have this topic under control. And since kids are so darn innocent and sweet, the people over at Buzzfeed had to interview a few “Love Experts” on the proper way to ask someone out, what an ideal date is and even how to break up with someone.

I, personally, love the part of the video before the intro title starts when the adult male asked the girls when he should kiss the girl he likes. The response: “You should wait…until you get married.” HA!

Something else that’s really important is how to break up with someone. You can’t delete them off Facebook because they can still be your friend (how do they know these things!?).  Listen to what their answer is to this question. It’s probably my favorite tip of the whole video. Also something I will definitely use from now on!


What This Little Girl Did To Show How Much She Loves Her Daddy Is Adorable!

This cute little girl just wanted to be like her daddy. She proudly spins around to show off her newly cut hair and her new eyebrow color, with a few other smudges to go with it. All to the dismay of dad, who’s pretty sure that mom will kill them. Watch as the little girl responds to what dad said! What a smart little girl, if I were mom I couldn’t possibly be upset about this!