Did You Know You Can Tell Your Dog’s TAIL Body Language? See What Their Wag Means!

If you own a dog, you definitely know them. You know their favorite places to go, favorite things to eat, where they like to be scratched, etc… So when two dogs meet, they get to know each other in a very different want- and this isn’t what you think, it’s not butt sniffing!

Dogs, just like humans, have body language traits that they can pick up from each other- and much more minute details than we would expect. They can tell even a tiny personality or mood from another pup friend based on how they wag their tail.

For example, a tail wag doesn’t always mean it’s happy or excited- the speed and direction of the wag can actually mean different warning signs! Check out these great illustrations done by the folks over at LittleThings and learn tail body language and what it means!