Fluffy Bunny Will Hop His Way Into Your Heart!

This cutie is Wally, an adorable English Angora rabbit. Wally was born in January 2014 and is currently living with his human mom, Molly in Massachusetts. Thanks to his Instagram account, this little guy is getting a lot of attention and hopping his way into our hearts. JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s so cute and fluffy! Those enormous ears just look like palm trees! I might be a little bit excited about this little guy, but you will too, once you see his pictures!


Hungry Cat Will Fight You For Your Food!

When a cat has his eyes on something, it’s his. If he wants it, he’ll try to get it. Like the food…on your fork…going into your mouth. If your cat doesn’t do that, then you’re pretty lucky. The owner of Marmalade seems to have the same issue every time he sits down to eat. There’s a little pesky cat pawing at him. Seems like the owner is use to this though, maybe, a bit? Haha. There are so many good scenes in this video, one of my favorites is when the ninja cat got his paw on the popcorn, they both freeze for a second and then carried on. I’m sure this cat has increased his owner’s reaction time, Look at how he moves his fork out of the way just in the nick of time!

Maybe Marmalade is just telling his owner, “I don’t think that’s healthy for you…I should eat it instead.”

Check out Marmalade and his brother Cole on their YouTube page for more adorable videos.


Lab Meets His Baby Sister For The First Time!

A parent’s worst nightmare is for something to happen to their baby. This couple has made a video on how to introduce your new baby to your fur-baby. They filmed the first time their baby girl was brought home and introduced to their energetic black Labrador Retriever. It’s great to see how daddy handled the situation with a curious and excited dog. When the pup got too close to the baby he moved away and slowly came back once the dog has calmed down. I’m pretty sure these two will make some pretty good memories together!

Please note that this is not the end. There can still be a real danger with dogs not fully understanding how to carefully play with a baby. As parents, you will always have to keep your eyes on both kind of babies. The key is responsible parenting!


Triplet Takes Over This Farm, And Our Hearts!

On May 22nd 2015, Denmans Critters Farm posted a baby announcement! Three births in fact, by their goat resident and already proud momma of one, Naomi. Naomi’s two girls and one boy took everyone by surprise. She’s only delivered one baby before and so no one was expecting three! Babies and momma are doing well! So well in fact, here’s the babies’ first bubble bath and blow drying session! They’re so tiny! And adorable! And tiny!! Even their little bleats are so cute! I love that scene right at the end when they were getting blow dried and they give that “WHAT IS THAT!??!” look with all of their ears starting to move up in unison!