Did You Know That You Might Be Drinking Coffee At The Wrong Time?

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown from AsapSCIENCE explains science to us regular folks in an easy to understand way. In their latest post we learn all about our habit of caffeine consumption. They explain to us about our cortisol hormone and how it reduces the effectiveness of caffeine. Most people usually grab a cup of joe while on their morning commute to work. What they don’t know is that during that time frame, our cortisol production could be at its highest, thus the coffee you’re drinking won’t keep you awake longer than you want it to. But don’t be discouraged, we also learn the best times to be drinking caffeine, which is in between the peak cortisol productions. Keep these helpful tips in mind next time you start to feel a drop in alertness.

Also, the hand drawn animation is incredible! I wonder how long it takes them to do one segment.

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