Hungry Cat Will Fight You For Your Food!

When a cat has his eyes on something, it’s his. If he wants it, he’ll try to get it. Like the food…on your fork…going into your mouth. If your cat doesn’t do that, then you’re pretty lucky. The owner of Marmalade seems to have the same issue every time he sits down to eat. There’s a little pesky cat pawing at him. Seems like the owner is use to this though, maybe, a bit? Haha. There are so many good scenes in this video, one of my favorites is when the ninja cat got his paw on the popcorn, they both freeze for a second and then carried on. I’m sure this cat has increased his owner’s reaction time, Look at how he moves his fork out of the way just in the nick of time!

Maybe Marmalade is just telling his owner, “I don’t think that’s healthy for you…I should eat it instead.”

Check out Marmalade and his brother Cole on their YouTube page for more adorable videos.


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