What To Do When Your Pan Catches On Fire? DON’T Pour Water On It!

Our first reaction to putting out any fire is by spraying it with water. Unless you’re on fire, then it’s the commonly known Stop-Drop-Roll. But, (as some of you might already know) this isn’t the best method for containing all fire situation.

Let’s say you’re heating up some oil in a pan and you walk away (firstly, NEVER do that!). You come back and it’s on fire. This video shows you exactly what happens when you try to pour water on it. In short, the water will evaporate so quickly that it’ll send all the oil upwards carrying the fire with it. But since it does that so quickly in real time, all we’ll see is a huge fireball of an explosion. With the help of a handy-dandy (and expensive) slow motion camera, we can see the evaporation process and exactly what happens to the water.

Gav and Dan from The Slow Mo Guys  are the owners of this expensive camera that helps us see the finer details of life. At the 3:16 mark they tell us the best way to help contain a fire is by covering the pan with damp cloth.

Please do not attempt this at home, it will not be pretty. I don’t care what slow mo app you’ve downloaded, just don’t be stupid.


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