This Might Look Like A Giant Egg But You Won’t Believe What It Looks Like Inside!

Recently we post a story about a man in Oregon who made his own micro-home. He mentioned the “joys of living tiny”. It reduces your environmental impact by using less heat and the overall cost of having to maintain it.

If you liked that last story, this one will knock your socks off! This home looks so futuristic, yet, also like a giant egg. This egg house was designed by dmvA architecture, a group based in Belgium. The group has named this specific design as Blob, classifying its concept as “freedom”.

The Blob has all your necessities including a bathroom, kitchen, light, bed and space for storage. The front end can be opened up and you can use it almost like a porch. It can be used as an office, guestroom, or anything you want.

I wouldn’t mind driving to the middle of nowhere and setting this up! What do you think?


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