17 May 2014 --- Buses and cars travel along the Guoliang Tunnel through the Wanxian Mountain in the Taihang Mountains in Huixian county, Xinxiang city, central China's Henan province. 
This road was built by local villagers and was the only link between Guoliang Village to the outside world. By 1972, the villagers decided to dig a tunnel through the rocky cliff. Led by Shen Mingxin, head of the village, they sold goats and herbs to buy hammers and steel tools. Thirteen strong villagers started to work on the project. It took them five years to finish the 1,200-meter-long tunnel which is about 5 meters high and 4 meters wide. Some of the villagers even gave their lives to it. On May 1, 1977, the tunnel was opened to traffic. The wall of the tunnel is uneven and there are more than 30 "windows" of different sizes and shapes. Some windows are round and some are square, and they range from dozens of meters long to standard-window-size. It is frightening to look down from the windows, where strange rocks hanging form the sheer cliff above and a seemingly bottomless pit lying below.

15 Craziest Roads In The World That Will Leave You Speechless

Sometimes we forget that there are rules and regulations that need to be upheld in order to build anything. Some areas in the world don’t really take that into consideration, or their rules are much more lax than ours. This can result in some of the craziest roads and journeys, ever. Some of these places look so spectacular that I would be willing to risk it just for the view. Some makes my stomach churn a bit. The idea that a tire can slip off the edge of the road gets me really nervous. Make sure if you want a crazy road adventure, have a driver who’s experienced and knows the road very well!


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