Bulldog Walks Up To A Deer 20 Times Her Size, What She Does Next Is Will Leave You Gasping!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen my fair shares of dog befriending other animals. Dogs are just so loving and playful that it’s not uncommon for us to see that. Even rarer, is seeing a tiny French Bulldog become friends with a wild baby deer. In this clip by the owner we see exactly that! What seems to be, a wild baby deer that walked out of the Canadian forest, playing chase with Ellie-Mae, the French Bulldog.

The little Frenchie seems to be provoking the deer to play with it. Running back and forth across the deer as if saying “Ha-Ha! you can’t catch me…even though my legs are 200 times shorter than yours!” This deer seems a bit confused at this barking thing. It’s only at the 1:38 mark does it look like it reached the “Ah-Ha!” moment and the fun begins!

As I keep watching this video over and over, I can’t help but wonder….you think the deer actually wanted to stomp on the small annoying thing instead?

Owner, Jamie-Rae, has assured viewers that everything was just a coincidence. Ellie-Mae just happened to be outside when this curious young deer came around. She felt that the deer was in no way aggressive or trying to be intimidating.

In the end, we’re just happy that both deer and dog had a good run. =]

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