Adrian Alonzo and Cesyli Prieto

This Popular High School Athlete Did A Truly Amazing Thing

Adrian Alonzo is a quarterback for McCamey High School in Texas. Not only is he athletic and popular, he also has a very big heart. He wanted to give Cesyli Prieto, a fellow student who has Down Syndrome, a prom that she will never forget.  “I just thought she should have a chance [to go to prom] like everyone else,” he told Today.

With the help of a few teachers, they teamed up to create an elaborate “prom-posal”. Adrian gave Cesyli a tiara and filled several small boxes with balloons. When Cesyli opened each box, a balloon floated out to eventually spell out “PROM”.

“She knew right then when he said ‘prom,’ she said, ‘Oh, sure! Oh, OK!’ ” Teacher Bridget Mitchell said.

“She got super-excited. When it was all said and done, we got back to the classroom, and she refused to take off the tiara. She was dancing, being happy, and being silly. She said, ‘Cesyli’s going to the prom! Cesyli’s going to the prom!’”

Cesyli’s mom praised Adrian on her Facebook by saying: “You are one Amazing young man. I wouldn’t of thought of any other perfect guy but you.”

That wasn’t all! On the day of prom the school rallied and voted Cesyli as Prom Queen. Check out the pictures and video below to see how it all unfolded!


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