The Shocking Truth About Rainbow Valley On Mt Everest

**Warning: Graphic Images**

With the recent tragic events in Nepal, we’ve discovered another sad side of it – one that has been decades in the making. This story is about the trail to Mt. Everest, the world’s highest mountain. For decades experienced mountaineers have tried to reach the summit of this dangerous peak, yet over 200 people have died doing so.

Rainbow Valley is located on the mountain’s Northeast Ridge Route and got its name from the colorful coats of dead hikers that have not been recovered. The bodies are frozen and mummified into their surroundings within the Death Zone. Here, the oxygen level is low and supplementary oxygen might be needed or else you can suffocate to death.

There are about 150 corpses left on the route, many still in full climbing gear.


Some of the corpses are decades old. In 1924, George Mallory, who attempted to climb Everest.


While some of the climbers might have fallen down, it’s likely that many of them just gave up.


This body is now used as a landmark and is known as Green Boots Cave. It’s believed to be Indian climber, Tsewang Paljor, who crawled into a cave in an effort to survive.


Due to the great possibility of death, climbers are basically required to sign their lives away. If they die, they have given permission to their guides to leave their bodies on the hillside or they can agree to pay a $30,000 recovery fee.



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