Here's the front view. Does it seem like a house you could live in?

It Looks Like A Simple Shed From The Outside… But What’s Inside? I’m Floored!

Little homes are becoming a way for the world to deal with over-crowded living spaces. It is common in Japan for well-made homes to be as small as 300 sq ft.

In an interview with LittleThings Chris Heininge- inspired by the small homes he saw in Japan, decided to build a luxury micro-home in Aurora, Oregon. The tiny house like he built below takes around three months to build.

“In recent years, many people are moving away from the idea of big ‘McMansions’ and discovering the joys of living ‘tiny,’ ” he writes on his website. “A tiny house not only costs less to build, but is also far cheaper to heat, cool, and maintain, so you save money while reducing your environmental impact.”

Take a look at the home below and give us your thoughts! Would you live in something like this?

(Click to expand the gallery below)


One thought on “It Looks Like A Simple Shed From The Outside… But What’s Inside? I’m Floored!”

  1. I would absolutely love to live in one. They are perfect. I’ve been extreme down sizing for years. It would be perfect for me. I just love it and love the idea of it!!!! Thank you.

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