This Blind Mother-to-Be Was Given The Gift of Sight. Get the Tissues Ready.

When you lose your sense of sight, or are born without it, your senses are much more acute which allow you to experience the world in a much different way. Your other four senses become much stronger, and even the tiniest details become much larger. For example, although painter John Barmblitt, who is blind, has never seen his wife or son before, he is able to paint lifelike portraits of them from merely touching their faces.

So for a new mom, the smell of the child is much more potent, and the touch of their hands is even softer.┬áTatiana is a blind mother and is looking forward to touching her son for the very first time. Unlike other expectant mothers, she won’t be able to see the ultrasounds, so she doesn’t get to see her child develop through the pregnancy.

Huggies decided to give Tatiana a very special gift, and when we saw it, we were blown away.

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