What He Saw When He Flew A Drone In An Abandoned Shopping Mall Is Groundbreaking

Since the recession, and from shortly before that, the American economy has and continues to change dramatically. The biggest change that was seen is the end of the traditional shopping mall. As with most things in life, there is no single reason why they’re failing, however, there are now hundred of malls across the country with nothing in them.

A few brave photographers have made it their mission to document these modern day ruins. But breaking-in and exploring an abandoned mall has risks in and of itself. But what if you sent in a drone instead? That’s what Mike Purks did, and the footage he was able to capture is haunting.

It’s hard to believe the state of the mall- it’s as though it’s decaying and dying right before our very eyes. The saddest part? That mall won’t ever be back to its former glory.


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